Hailing from Australia, living in Bordeaux, I offer to bring over ten years of digital agency experience to provide professional project & content management along with social media marketing in a freelance capacity.

My Services

International Project Management

From the conception of your project, to the planning and execution of your digital strategies. I place importance on clear, precise and professional project management.

Community Management

I take care of all the management of your social presence, in accordance with your brand identity guidelines. Planning, publishing, optimisation and moderation across all social networks.

Content Creation / Management

I write and develop content tailored for the web, focusing on brand identity and cross channel media outlets. Content for blog articles, user manuals or social media posts, are all treated with the same level of importance and attention to detail.

Website Creation

With a full understanding of multiple CMS and website platforms, I am able to help navigate all the technical solutions to ensure the creation or maintenance of your online presence.

Customer Service / Training

With many years as a customer service representative, I take pride in my ability to communicate and inform. Let me be your partner when it comes to informing and supporting your business or product.

Email Marketing

Engage your target audience by investing in getting the word out about your product or events using modern and professional strategies.


Press Release Freelancer
Press Release Freelancer
Traduction Anglais Bordeaux
Traduction Anglais Bordeaux
English Web Marketer Bordeaux
Freelance Blogger Anglais Bordeaux
First Start in Bordeaux
English Web Marketer Bordeaux

Nice stuff about me

It was a real pleasure working with Mike. I’m extremely pleased with the website he designed, configured and translated for my company. I was particularly impressed by his patience throughout the task. He is very efficient, accommodating and has precious technical and artistic expertise.

Caroline Moreau

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on a digital marketing project for more than two years now. As my primary contact person, he always demonstrates a friendly spirit and a very professional attitude. Mike clearly has a passion for his job, and not only is he always looking for a solution to a problem, he usually finds one, too!

Arnout Karseenberg

Mike is our primary and only needed contact for our website. He is extremely helpful, courteous and quick to respond to any issues we have. Furthermore he actually provides good, intelligent fixes and actions them very quickly. This is a view held by any and all I speak to who work with him also.

James Daysh Marketing & Operations at

I have worked for a number of years with Mike. I have found his dealings with the UK and Irish clients to be solid and pro-active, and the technical and customer support he gives is highly rated. It’s a weight off my back and a relief to know that Mike is taking care of all of our websites.

Paul Packhurst

Mike is capable of managing extremely technical projects with a strong marketing outcome from clients present in every country in Europe and more. I could not justify more my recommendation.

Mike Foster testimonal
Declan Owens Digital Analytics Consultant at AT Internet

Who I am?

I'm an Australian that has been living in France since 2007. I have spent 10 years working as a Digital Project Manager for an agency here in Bordeaux. I managed accounts for large international clients and now I use my experience to help businesses with their brand and aide them in creating a digital communication plan that will reach their customers and grow their business.

Mike Foster

Bordeaux, France
+33 (0)6 21 29 55 38