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Palm is a well-known and respected brand in the world of mobile phones, known for their sleek, minimalistic designs and innovative technology. As a freelance PR and marketing professional with a strong focus on creative visuals, I recently had the opportunity to work with the Palm team on a project to promote their latest product offering.

The Palm phone, a small, palm-sized smartphone designed for use as a secondary device, was the focus of the project. With its unique size and capabilities, the Palm phone offers a new solution for individuals looking to disconnect from their larger, more cumbersome primary devices and simplify their digital lives.

To promote the Palm phone, I worked closely with the Palm European team to develop a range of marketing and PR materials, including press releases and creative visual elements.

The project was a great success, receiving positive feedback from both the Palm team and the media. It was a pleasure to contribute my skills and expertise to such a forward-thinking and innovative brand.