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Cap Sciences

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As a freelance marketing translator, I have had the pleasure of working with the renowned science museum, Cap Science, located in Bordeaux, France. Since 2019, I have completed three projects with the museum, each one providing a unique set of challenges and opportunities to showcase my skills.

Cap Science is a renowned science museum dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in science and technology to the general public. Through interactive exhibits and educational events, the museum aims to inspire and engage visitors of all ages in the wonders of the scientific world. Since its establishment, Cap Science has become a go-to destination for those seeking to expand their knowledge and explore new ideas.

In 2019, I was tasked with the translation of press material and the museum’s website for their highly-anticipated exhibit on robots. The project required not only a strong attention to detail and accuracy in translation, but also an understanding of the technical language and concepts related to robotics.

The following year, I had the opportunity to work with Cap Science again on the translation of press material and the website for their exhibit on dogs and cats. This project required a different approach, as the subject matter was more focused on the general public and required a more conversational tone.

Most recently, in 2022, I was contracted by the museum to translate their entire business website during a redesign phase. This project was particularly challenging due to the large volume of content and the need for a cohesive and consistent brand voice.

Overall, my work with Cap Science has been incredibly rewarding and has allowed me to utilize my marketing translation skills to help the museum connect with their audience on a global scale.