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Bordeaux – An International City

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Since arriving in Bordeaux back in 2007, I was met with a rebirth of a city that was literally changing its colours.

Historically speaking, Bordeaux has been always been an important hub for commerce and cultural gastronomy. Strategically found on the South West Coast of France, Bordeaux is the centre of the wine world and is fast becoming one of the most visited cites in Europe.

During the time of my arrival, there was a visible shift in International business that was branching out to include not only Wine Trade but the birth of many digital agencies, customised boutiques and companies in the tourism sector.

The growth within the International Market is now in full swing and opportunities for expatriates or overseas business is ripe. We can mainly put this down to the fact that the local market is not yet saturated, with many initiatives and encouragement from the local Council of Bordeaux supporting with infrastructure and assistance.

Away from the major draw cards of the International Business calendar year (Bordeaux Fête le Vin #BordeauxFeteVin), Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve #bordeauxfetelefleuve) there is the inclusion of  Semaine Digitale (#SDBX) which started back in 2014 as a week long celebration of innovative in the digital and online marketing community in Bordeaux.

The event standardly includes more than 70 events, with influential market leaders flying in from all over the world and conducting speaking sessions. It is billed to be an opportunity to mobilise, improve and network with the active participants of the digital world in Bordeaux, France and International. With the success of past years, this edition on 2017 is a year long run initiative (SDBX365).

Another big change to the alternative approach to business in Bordeaux was the opening of the Darwin Ecosysteme (#DarwinBdx) on the right bank of the Garonne river. The heavy focus on urban living and start-up mentality, the centre acts as butterfly net for local innovation with many individuals birthing new concepts, ideas and products.

Bordeaux is a beautiful city on the cusp of becoming a truly great city. International interest is on the minds of all potential stake holders and the right time of getting into Bordeaux is now!

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